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Our History

The Fondo Assistenziale Solidaristico CGE – a solidarity welfare fund - was founded in 1946 by an initiative of The Compagnia Generale di Elettricità and its workers. The Compagnia Generale di Elettricità was a company founded in 1921 in Milan as an Italian branch of the US industrial group General Electric and operated in the electromechanical and electronics sectors.
Since its establishment, the Fondo Assistenziale Solidaristico CGE has oriented its purposes to social security, social health and social welfare assistance, in favor of associated workers at various levels and in different forms over time.
Among these, thanks to the donation by the General Electricity Company of the land necessary for its construction, in 1955 a Summer Camp was made available to the children of the employees in the building that now houses Il Pioppo.
As a result of the changes in the needs of families and in the customs of society, over time the interest in letting the children spend the holidays at the Summer Camp has ceased, and the Fund has consequently taken the decision to suspend its activity .
In order not to lose the value of the accommodation complex consisting of the building in an enviable position facing the sea, the marvelous pine garden and the large private equipped beach in front of the property, in the early 2000s the Fund decided to convert the property into a new hospitality place, designed for all its members, but also open to outsiders interested in the proposed accommodation style.
The inauguration of the Casa per Ferie Il Pioppo took place in 2006 following a complete renovation of the spaces.


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